After your case is over, you may have significant legal issues requiring reversal or modification of the outcome.  An appeal is where these issues are raised.  If you are appealing a criminal case — or if you are facing a government appeal — you need a lawyer comfortable with the special processes of appeal.

An appeal is not a trial, and it requires different skills.  A winning lawyer is usually one who relates to the courts as a colleague, not as a combatant.  Victory comes from providing legal insights and fresh perspectives, to help appellate judges understand the case and rule in the right way… your way.

Nathaniel Burney has built a reputation as a professional and knowledgeable lawyer in whom judges can trust.  He understands not just the law, but its underlying policies that explain why the law is the way it is, and where it ought to go.

He learned from the best.  His first legal job was at the U.S. Supreme Court, where (as a glorified gofer to Warren Burger) he learned perhaps too much about how appellate courts work and think.  Following that, he worked with the famed Carter Phillips on high-profile Eighth Amendment and death penalty cases before the Supreme Court.  As a young prosecutor in the Manhattan DA’s office, he crafted arguments that became new law in a case of first impression.  He has since briefed several appeals in federal and state courts, and has argued another case of first impression involving the emergency exception to the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement.

Whether your case is before the Supreme Court of the United States, a federal court of appeals, or a New York State appellate court, Nathaniel Burney has the experience and know-how to make your case.