SEPT. 2011 — With Labor Day behind us and all the judges & lawyers back from vacation, Trial Season has officially begun. Sleeves are rolled up, and desk is full.

JUNE 2011 — Persuaded prosecutor to dismiss theft case outright, based on police officer shenanigans and other problems with the evidence.

JUNE 2011 — Without prosecutor consent, persuaded judge to dismiss possession case outright, given client’s unique circumstances.

MAY 2011 — Persuaded prosecution to dismiss software theft case.

APRIL 2011 — After lengthy investigation, persuaded prosecution to not prosecute client suspected of fraud and related white-collar offenses.

APRIL 2011 — Six-week trial ends with jury finding client “not guilty” of every count in the indictment, including hate crimes and gang assault, only convicting of lesser-included assault not charged in the indictment. Highlights of trial included getting a police officer to admit on the stand to having committed perjury in this very case.