Comic: The Illustrated Guide to Law

Lady Justice isolated 33%“The Illustrated Guide to Law” is a webcomic by Nathaniel Burney that explains the law, how it works, how it doesn’t work, and gleefully debunks common myths.

It has been widely praised, and has a large and engaged readership around the world.

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“One of the best things I’ve seen in ages.”
— Josh Rothman, Boston Globe

“Fun! If you’d rather be reading comics than casebooks, why not combine both?”
–Harvard Law School Law Library

“Brilliant… Never has the Fourth Amendment been more graphic and accessible… A thoroughly engaging, often very funny, and extremely well-thought-through guide to the theory and realpolitik of what the cops and prosecutors can and can’t do in the process of fighting crime.”
–Cory Doctorow

“A must-have for libraries, an excellent study aid for law students, and an easily read introduction to criminal law for the general public.”
–American Association of Law Libraries

“Part webcomic, part law class, and all interesting.”

“In a word, terrific.”

New York Defense Attorney