to “The Criminal Lawyer,” a law blog by Nathaniel Burney.

Here you’ll find essays, rants, and observations about the law.
Mostly criminal law. Mostly dashed off without much revision, if any.
(Trigger Warning: Contains Snark)

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4th amendment 8th amendment 1983 2703 3553 factors aba abagnale absolute immunity academia accidental discharge actus reus addiction adelphia admissibility aedpa african union al bashir animal cruelty anti gang Antitrust antonin scalia Appeals appellate briefs appointed counsel armed robbery arrest arrest warrant article 16 artificial intelligence assault assigned counsel attorney general au automobile stop auto stop avvo backlog bacterial dna bad lawyers bail bank fraud bank robbery bar exam barriers to entry bashir batson bear stearns behavior betting bill of particulars bill of rights bin laden blackstone Blagojevich blogging book booker bookie booking bookmaking book review brady brady violation brain science break-in brendan sullivan bribe bribery brigham city v stuart bright line bronwen hughes bullshit bureaucracy burglary california capital defender Capital Punishment car stop caselaw case law caseloads cds cell phones cell site certified question cfaa charles taylor chemist child abuse child exploitation child porn child pornography ci cia citizens citizens united civil law civil liberties civil rights class action cle clemency client relationships clients closing argument collateral consequences collateral estoppel comic commerce clause commission compensation Computer Crime computer fraud computer fraud and abuse act computers confessions confidential informant confidential source confrontation clause congress consent conservative judges conspiracy constitutional law contempt controlled substances conviction rate cooperator cops corporate crime corporate liability corporation liability corporations corrections corruption counterterrorism court martial credit crisis credit defaul swaps credit default swap crime crime lab crime laboratory crime rates crimes against humanity crime scene crime scene investigation criminal defamation criminal defense criminal defense lawyers criminal intent criminal investigation criminal investigations criminal justice criminal law criminal policy criminal procedure cross examination cruel and unusual punishment csi culpability cultural difference cultural relativity custodial interrogation Darfur daubert david souter dea deadly weapon death penalty decisions defense attorney defense attorneys defenses defense strategy delhi high court dell department of justice deportation deterrence deterrent deutsche polizei digression Discovery discrimination dispositions distracted driving dna DNA evidence doctors doj domestic violence double jeopardy drug court drug enforcement drug enforcement agency drug law drug laws drug programs drugs drug sale drunk drunk driving dtap Due Process dui duress dwi eavesdropping eavesdropping warrant ebbers economics economy education Edwards edwards v arizona e harassment Eighth Amendment elitism embezzlement emergency doctrine emergency exception Emmet Sullivan encryption enron entrapment equal protection escape espionage e stalking ethics Evidence evidence based programming Excessive Force exclusionary rule execution execution of homosexuals exigent circumstances exoneration expectation of privacy expert testimony expert witness exploitation extortion extradition eyewitness eyewitness identification eyewitness testimony facebook facilitation false allegations false confessions false evidence fastow fbi fcpa fda federal crime federal defender federal preemption federal prosecutors fees Fifth Amendment financial crime fingerprinting first amendment fisa flat screen television fmri food forensic accounting forensic analysis Fourteenth Amendment Fourth Amendment frank johnson fraud free speech galleon group Gambling gang gang crime gang recruitment gangs gang territory gang violence gang warfare gawker general assembly generation x genocide george zimmerman gitmo gizmodo goldman sachs google google mistrial government government immunity gps tracking guantanamo gun gun control habeas corpus hacker hacking hamas hamdan hate crime heller history hitachi hobby lobby holdout homicide homicide investigation honest services honest services fraud hung jury ian richards icc identification identity theft illegal aliens illustrated guide to criminal law immigration impeachment incapacitation incarceration incarceration rates india indictment ineffective assistance of counsel informant injustice inmate inmate rights innocence ins insider trading intelligence intent interdealer interdealer broker international crime international criminal court international criminal law international law international policy internet internet anonymity internet betting internet bookie internet bookmaking internet crime internet gambling internet harassment internet porn internet pornography internet sports book internet stalking interrogation intoxication investigation Investigations investor fraud iphone 4g israel issue preclusion jail jailbreak jail overcrowding james byrd james ford seale japan jeffrey skilling john yoo jose padilla journalism journalist privilege judge judges judicial activism judicial discretion judiciary julian assange Juries jurisprudence jurors jury nullification Jury selection justice delayed justice department justice system juvenile justice keidanren keiretsu keith lee ken lay kickback kickbacks kidnaping kidnapping kkk knowledge kozlowski ku klux klan labeling labor bribery labor union lab report laura pendergest holt law and economics Law Enforcement law enforcement technology lawfare law practice law professor law review law school lawsuits lawyers lawyer stereotypes lcd lcd monitor lcd tv legal aid Legal Profession legal reform legislation lehman brothers lethal injection liability liberal judges liberia lie detector lineup linkedin long term investigation lori drew lsat lynching madoff mail fraud mail fraud wire fraud major case marble and the sculptor Marc Dreier marijuana marketing matthew bomer matthew shepard mcdonald v chicago media medical devices medical equipment medicine mens rea microbial dna military millennial miranda mistrial mitigation money laundering Monica Conyers monk moreno ocampo mortgage fraud mri murder murder investigation myspace myths Narcotics narcotics enforcement national security neuroscience new evidence new trial ngta Nicholas Marsh ninth circuit NSA nypd obama ocampo occupy wall street oig oj o j simpson oj simpson online online bookie online bookmaking online predators online sports online sports book opinions options backdating Organized Crime originalism original jurisdiction overbreadth overcriminalization overreach ows p5 palestine parole patdown pen register people v mitchell peremptory challenge permanent 5 personal responsibility persuasion pharmaceuticals phd philosophy photo array plea bargain plea bargaining police police brutality police lab police union policing Policy political correctness political corruption polygraph ponzi ponzi scheme porn pornography posner possession with intent prejudice prescriptions press pretrial release price fixing prison prison break prisoner prisoner rights prison escape prison overcrowding privacy professionalism professional responsibility profiling prosecution prosecutorial discretion prosecutorial immunity prosecutorial misconduct prosecutors psych psychology public defender public defenders public integrity public nudity punishment purposes of punishment pyramid scheme q&a dump qualified immunity race racial discrimination racial disparity racial sentencing racism racketeering rajaratnam rant rape ray kelly rebuttal recession recidivism redding registry regulation regulations rehab rehabilitate rehabilitation removal respondeat superior restitution retaliation retribution reverse batson rhetoric RICO right to counsel Right to Silence risk robbery rockefeller drug laws rome statute rule of law satire scalia schizophrenia school school search schwarzenegger scientific evidence screen name sdny search and seizure search incident to arrest search warrant search warrants sec sec investigations Second Amendment securities fraud security council self defense self incrimination Sentencing sentencing guidelines sentencing reform seo separation of powers serial killer sex sex crimes sex discrimination sex offender sex offender registration sex offender registry sexting sexual abuse shameless self-promotion shatzer sherman act shooting sierra leone silliness Sixth Amendment skilling skills social work sociology software solving crime souter speeding Speedy Trial sports book stalking stand your ground stanford financial group stanford international bank statements statistics statute of limitations Statutes statutory construction stop and frisk strickland strict liability strict scrutiny strip search subpoenas sudan sufficiency suicide suppression supremacy clause supreme court surrender surveillance tacitus taser technology ted stevens terms of service Terrorism terrorist testilying testimonial evidence testimony theft thomas sjoblom thought police tim dekay title 3 title iii torture tos traffic stop trayvon martin treaties trial trials tribunal tumblr twitter tyco un unamid undercovers understanding united nations usa network vehicle stop verdicts victims video Violent Crime voir dire war crimes warfare warrant weapons webcomic White Collar white collar crime wikileaks wire fraud wiretap wiretaps witnesses wrongful conviction zero tolerance


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