We Missed Our Own Anniversary


So the Criminal Lawyer turned 1 year old, and we didn’t even notice. Our first post was on October 6, 2008. We promised…

…to give you thoughtful observations on the jurisprudence of crime. We will cover notable cases and events, offer analysis of deeper trends, and even throw in some juicy gossip from time to time.

We like to think we’ve been keeping our promise. We’ve delved into international criminal law, Supreme Court arguments, what the law is and what it ought to be. We’ve even gossiped about the latest crime show to get greenlighted.

And we have no intention of stopping any time soon. At first, we have to admit, we had some trepidation that we might lose interest, or that there wouldn’t be enough readers to make it worth our time. But we soon found that we love writing this blog. And we continue to be amazed that so many of you actually read this stuff. So we’ll stick around a while yet.

We considered writing a longer piece here about “why we blog.” But there’s really nothing to say, other than that we enjoy it. We love criminal law, we love thinking about the whys and wherefores of it. And we’ve found that the discipline of writing about it forces us to actually think through our own thoughts, which has made us all the better for it. (And we have fun photoshopping all these pictures, too. Yes, we do our own art, coding, web design, all of it.)

We’ve tried to avoid the danger of turning into yet another blawg that talks a lot, but has nothing to say. There are plenty of those out there. So we have made an effort to pick and choose what we write about. You’re not going to get a stream-of-consciousness, what’s-on-our-mind-today sort of blog here. Those are fine, just not us.

And it’s not one of those SEO-maximizing, marketing puff piece things. We’re not doing this to try to attract clients, nor should we. Blawgs that are made to attract clients are so painfully bad. It’s so obvious. It’s like meeting someone at an event who’s not there to have fun, but only wants to network. We don’t want to be that guy, and we’re not that kind of blawg.

We’ve also tried to steer clear of the topics that everyone else is talking about. Why? Because everyone else is already talking about them. We’d rather not be just one more drop in the bucket, thanks.

So we’re going to keep listening for cool and quirky stories that interest us. Stuff that inspires us to examine an underlying philosophy or social policy is going to grab us more than the latest DOJ press release. That means more talk about Supreme Court cases than notable arrests. More talk about the law than the practice thereof. That’s what we like to write about.

So happy belated birthday to us, and thanks for reading!

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