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Why Write?

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

We keep being surprised by these folks who insist that lawyers need to blog.  That it’s a great way to generate clients, pumping up the old SEO so potential clients see your website and hire you.  That advice always strikes us as the equivalent of saying you ought to name your law firm with a couple of leading As so it’s on the first page of the yellow pages.  Not that many people call lawyers just because they were listed first in the phone book, nor because they popped up in a Google search.  And the ones who do aren’t necessarily the kind of client you really want.  Scott Greenfield had a cool post on this the other day, using his own (very impressive) blog stats to demonstrate that it just doesn’t convert into clients.

Lawyers absolutely do not need to blog.  Blogging, in and of itself, does not generate clients.  Looking at just the bottom line, most lawyers could spend the time it would take to blog doing more profitable marketing like meeting other lawyers at functions (most good clients still come from referrals from other lawyers, after all), or just spending the time working and billing some more hours.

We certainly don’t do this to attract clients.  Heck, we hardly ever write about our own practice here, much less tout our abilities, experience, or any of the kinds of things a potential client might want to know.  Back in college, we sold encyclopedias door to door, so we know a thing or two about getting the old foot in the door and making a sale.  We don’t do any of that here.

So why do we write?

Because we enjoy it.  No other reason.


We write for an audience of one: Nathan Burney.  We’re genuinely surprised every time someone else tells us they read something here.  We’re like, “really? You saw that? That’s weird.”  Our own wife doesn’t even bother to look at it.  We’re not sure if our parents have ever read anything here.

That’s really freeing, because that lets us write about whatever we feel like writing about.  We don’t have to worry about how it might affect our page rank on Google.  We don’t have to worry about turning off some potential client.  We don’t have to worry about offending anyone.  So we write about what we like.  And as it happens, we really get a kick out of the law.  Yeah, that’s not something many people would admit to, but who asked you?  And wait, are you really reading this? Weird.

One of the big things we enjoy about writing this blog is (more…)